Water meters measure the amount of water used by a source. Water company uses water flow meters to measure each customer's water use. But water meters can also be used at designated points of a process in which water is important. Water meters can also be helpful in noting where water leaks may be occurring.

We use latest testing equipments and specifically designed to test the accuracy of all makes and models of mechanical and electromagnetic water flow meters. Accurately measuring the water flow through a water meter is a good way to assess how well your system is performing.

Types of Water Meters

  • Positive displacement water meter
  • Velocity water meter
  • Meters combining both are called compound meters

By repairing the damaged or leaking kind of water meters in your home you can able to prevent the wastage of clean water and paying unreasonable huge monthly water bills. It is important to make it sure that you immediately fix the damages of your water meters.

Water meter repair and maintenance service for home owners and commercial clients in Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan of New York City. Please call (718) 725-9622 us today for all your sewer & water mains plumbing needs. For emergency service call us at (718) 614-4884.

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