Best High Pressure Water Jetting Service in New York City

In addition to the latest technology and innovation for residential water jetting services and drain repairs, our plumbing professionals has all the right equipments. We provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to a wide range of challenges in the water sector and related industries.

High pressure water jetting for cleaning service and the use of ultra high pressure water jetting for cleaning tunnels, drains, sewers, tanks, sea walls and factory floors, car parks, airport runways, bridges, buildings and retaining walls. Grease, sludge, and debris are the main causes of commercial drain line blockages.

What is Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting?

Water jet stripping or cleaning, or water blast cleaning, is a widely used process for the removal of drain line blockages. First Choice Plumbing has experience with all types of water jetting services and specializes in ultra high pressure water jet cleaning. Ultra high pressure water jet stripping uses water that is pressurized between 30,000 to 60,000 psi to remove line blockage.

Most water jet systems consist of the following subsystems:

Pump to pressurize the water
Nozzle to deliver the correct stream of water to the work piece
Enclosure to contain process>
Nozzle and part manipulators
Waste handling equipment
Process control devices>

High pressure water jetting service for home owners and commercial clients in Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan of New York City. Please call (718) 725-9622 us today for all your sewer & water mains plumbing needs. For emergency service call us at (718) 614-4884.

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