Disconnection of Sewers and Water Mains for Demolition in Staten Island, NYC

First Choice Plumbing in Staten Island, NY has been providing complete residential and commercial plumbing and heating services for the last 25 years. Our Master plumbers are Licensed and Insured. We give high priority to our customers and offer 24/7 Emergency Services. Staten Island's First Choice Plumbing Company have the latest plumbing equipments and always do a flawless job.

A ‘Request for Service Disconnection’ form is required for all sewer & water mains disconnections. If all or any water main or sewer main is not required due to subdivision, redevelopment, demolition or removal of a building we can help and do the service start to end. A disconnection permit issued by authority is required.

Types Of Disconnections:

  • Permanent disconnections - Where the service is fully removed and disconnected at the water main.
  • Temporary disconnections – Where the service is plugged at the property boundary. This should be done by a licensed master plumber.

First Choice Plumbing NYC has been doing house sewer and water main service disconnects for over 25 years now. Clients call us back when the site is developed and new house sewer and water main services are needed.

We are residential and commercial plumbing service provider based in New York City. Proudly serving home owners and commercial clients in Bronx, Queens,Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan of New York City.

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