Faucets, Shower, Boilers Installation & Repairing Services, NYC

First Choice Plumbing makes your heating system, faucets, shower repair and installation easy. When you need a New York City's plumber that will consult with you and provide a great service - please do call us.

Installation , Repair and Replacement of :

Shower Units

   Push-on Mixer
   Bath/Shower Mixer
   Manual Mixer
   Thermostatic Mixer

Faucets Units

   The Unique Movement of Cartridge Faucets
   Compression Faucets: The Oldest Type
   The Cylindrical Body of Disc Faucetsbr
   Ball Faucets: First Washer less Faucets

Boilers Units

   Condensing boilers
   Combi boilers
   Regular boilers
   Ball Faucets: First Washer less Faucets

We are licensed & insured plumbers based in New York. Our services include heating system installation, faucets, shower repair, etc. Proudly serving home owners and commercial clients in Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan of New York City.

Please call (718) 725-9622 us today for all your plumbing needs. For emergency service call us at (718) 614-4884.

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